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The scrolls


You, you look like the second coming, 
come to save us all.
I've done my penance, worn out crosses,
taken a leap of faith and landed on my feet.
You've got all the answers, 
but the questions wrong.
I'm standing in the doorway, waiting
for my earthly reward.
No afterlife for me.

You're so certain, your faith is strong.
You've graced these rooms--like an alter candle
burning heavy vanilla indolence.
But I'll still be here when your flame
gutters out.
In the year 2000, I'll still be here. 
When God's checks bounce.

You are my friend

You are my friend, one of the finest and dearest I have known; with you I've spent, some of the happiest moments of my life, moments that I'll always treasure. And regardless of where, in the future we might roam, you carry with you a part of me, and i carry with me a part of you; and so my dear friend take good care of yourself, until our rivers flow together again.


If I turn up the volume, does that mean the song has meaning for me? They're so CLEVER. All those guitars. Did you listen to they lyrics? Glistening, wet lies. I lick my sweet lips with the cloven feet. I sent my best friend cardboard cutouts, mythological pictures, archaelogical digs. Under perfume and lace I shake and shake and shake. Played all of his records and stared our the window at a behemoth--all day. My spine rattled and hummed. Music. I don't know what it is or what it's for. Incomprehensible. We don't have tails. We walk upright. We have opposing thumbs. But it takes just one finger to turn on my CD player.

The End of the 90's A match is lit To ignite a fire Controlled and hot To seek its desire At first it separates To find it's path Consisting of No written wrath But only of A useful flame Compelling us To reach our fame What we have And will discover Is a warmth In one another Tied together By this flame Behind the front Of every name We have never Had a doubt That this flame Will not go out But will reside In us forever For this time That we're together They might be scenes From yesterday Though in our minds Will always play A part in what We have become Though trivial It seems to some The end of the nineties Is going to be The laws set fire To be decree In Memory of Michael Barstad Memories You left my life without a warning, You passed away one September morning. Your friendship was so special to me, But now all I have are memories. If I had a chance to be with you God took you away and won't let me through; Took you to a place like paradise Where no one can touch or hurt you. Maybe it's better if you are gone if you cannot be the same, Because now you don't have to live in pain. My life was shattered because you had left But your spirit remains with me. As I dream of you and what we had And how happy we were together I will not forget you nor forget how much I love you. Because I'll always have the memories For now I live in tragedy. We will all remember the good times, the happy time and now the sad. But most of all we'll remember you for what you were to us. For you will always remain in our heart, We love you, Michael.

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