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Thee Thee Thee!

Searching for someone to say the words is never easy.. but on April 16,1998 I Lady Blue met the love of my life the Blue Adept :)

Do you ever wonder if true love, true everlasting love is really a myth? I used to.
Now I have come to believe that I have found my soulmate.
With a little bit of faith, hope and love and if it is in His will :)
and God? if you are listening .. THANK YOU :)

So many times i have come to "love" that perfect someone.. who I thought would love me.. only to fall flat on my face.
Not this time!
He loves me back~!!! :) YESSSSS

On June 7th, 1998 My love.. the Blue.. proposed :).
We will finally be together as One On June 21, 1998!!!:)

Let me tell you what you don't know about the Blue Adept :)
He's loving, and kind. He makes me feel Great when we are together.
We talk for hours on end.. about anything and everything.
I feel like I have known him for years and it has only been a few short weeks!!! :)
I am so lucky!

For the first time in a long time, I feel so loved, cared for, and not forgotten about when we aren't together :)
I know I am his one and only, and he is mine :)
I am proud to know him, honored to call him friend
He has me walking on cloud nine
I feel like a school girl that has just had her first kiss :)

So many times before I thought I was in love, what makes it different this time you say?

Ok.. let me tell you. I am REAL.. living, breathing, wanting, with emotions the whole 9 yards.
And he has made me so happy :)

He is there for me whenever I need it, he has made me feel so important to him :)

I know I am with him throughout the day .. no matter what we are doing we are One. :)
In fact after just talking to him on the phone, or on the computer I feel so complete. It's almost like we have just made love, that is how intense it feels to me :) WOW

We share so much in common.. our love of life, kids, games and music.
We want the same things, we have similar goals, wants, needs, the future looks bright :)

I trust him completely.
I know he would make an excellent father, lover, friend. I want to shout it off the rooftops I LOVE YOU JONATHAN BRUCE JACKSON, aka the Blue Adept!!!! :)

We both have been through a lot of the same challenges in our lives.
It has made us very in tune with ourselves, what we need, what we want.. where we are going.
I have become a good listener.. and now I know, he is too :)
He turns me on when he is angry too :)

An online romance has a lot to do with faith.
Your relationship with that person is not unlike your relationship with God if you are religious
You either choose to believe or Not believe what you are being told.

I know what I choose :)

I am going to love this man with everything I have got:)

Would you like to hear more about the Blue? :) Well, here is Lady Blue's tribute to the Blue Adept check it out :)

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.. check out my new friends page it is dedicated to Online romance stories.. BRAVO!!!!!! :)

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Thank you :)

~Lady Blue

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