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Phaze in to the Blue Demenses!!!

Hello !


Pages last updated August 8th, 1998 :)

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All for now..~Lady Blue and the Blue Adept

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Hello All!!! :)

Some news about the Lady Blue.. she has opened her salon now.. called Making Waves.. right here at the beach :) come check it out!!!

Making Waves
1029 Discovery Ave. S.E.
P.O. Box 964

*Right across from the Ocean Shores Interpretive center down by the marina :)

Open Tuesdays thru Saturdays 9:30 to 5 pm

Evenings and early morning appointments by appointment please

Lady Blue has also started her own Avon business as well.. come to the shop and pick up a brochure... :)

but friends please!!! with all this business going on there isn't much time for internet.. or web page updates.. so please write.. our email is and we'd love to hear from you ... :) ((hugs)) miss you all.. and hey.. if there is anything on these pages not working let us know if you would :) thanks

Are you ready to lose sense of all reality? :) You've come to the right place, this is our Blue Demenses, welcome!
This page is for everyone.. Young and old.. families, musiclovers, there is something for everyone here.. so sit back, relax, and enjoy :)

Below you will find our links for our Romance pages in which we wooed each other :)since the Blue and I met over the internet. there is a message board where you can tell your own internet romance story too.. Please give us your imput :)

A link for ICQ "I seek You".. a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones.. and make friends; a link to the Joke page, the freebies page, and Sweepstakes. and that is not all!!!

A jampacked Kidstuff, page, which includes great links for kids.. from my son's page. If you have kids this is a great page for you .. check it out! :)

Go to our Mp3 page to find great information about how to use your computer to listen to cd quality music, record your own music or download it off of the net.. a whole new world unfolds before your eyes!! We also include our combined list of over 200 songs.. 23 of those are available for direct download.. and the rest are available by request. Just send one of us a page, and we'll try to conjuer it to you asap! :)

Do you enjoy a good laugh? ..we have a fun joke page you may find amusing.... check below.. this is Always child appropriate, so you never need to worry. :)

One of the nicest things on the net we have found are all the free things you can get.. so we're going to try to have a good working Freebie page.. for you :)

Thanks for visiting!:) LadyBlue..and the Blue Adept:) heehee..

The Curtain!!!!

Lady Blue's Tribute to the Blue Adept :)

The Oracles Palace: Movie and Book reviews

The Scrolls: Our Poetry

The Blue Adept's Pager

Lady Blue's Pager

Our Oath friend's pages :)

Here is the link to get started with ICQ

To learn more about Mp3's.. and see our combined Playlists!

Our Downloads page

Kid Blue, and all our Kidstuff

Check out the Freebies page!! And enter to win the Sweepstakes!!!

Check out the Joke page! =) hehe..

Magic Music band pages and wave and midi files

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